What to do in Finland?

Back to blogging after a busy summer full of travelling! Let’s start with Finland, a country that should definitely be on your bucket list of Nordic countries to visit. Here is why.

Visit Suomenlinna

This sea fortress located on an island 15 minutes away from central Helsinki by boat was built in the 1700s to protect the city from sea attacks and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go on a sunny summer day or (even better) on a crisp winter’s day when the sea is frozen and the whole island tourist-free. Allow yourself a few hours to circle the island, its big walls and old cannons. Don’t forget to stop at the hidden Samovarbar next to the little toy museum, and have a piece of their delicious apple pie.

Suomenlinna Finland

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Pulau Ubin Island by Bike

The easiest way to discover this Singapore’s special island is to reserve a few hours for the purpose before your flight departing from Changi airport. Singapore’s international airport is famous for its different one-of-a-kind attractions (like an open-air cactus garden with views of the planes on the tarmac or a butterfly garden), but you should rather skip them for a visit to the authentic and well preserved Pulau Ubin Island.

Pulau Ubin island
Pulau Ubin island

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