Singapore Airlines Economy Class (Experienced on the B777)

Flying SQ’s economy class is like taking a time trip back to the early 2000’s (or even before that). I mean, in terms of service.

Singapore Airlines economy class
Singapore Airlines economy class

During a barely 4-hour flight from Hong Kong to Singapore in coach, thepickytraveller was served a free hot meal (out of 2 different choices!) with real cutlery. That’s the equivalent of Finnair’s or Lufthansa’s business class service on European flights… You can even order a Singapore Sling (served in a plastic cup, reminding you didn’t pay for the J class ticket…), the famous cocktail. Each seat has its own screen and they give you free earphones before take-off. That’s all you need for a smooth short(-ish) flight.

So, nothing to be excited about but it’s refreshing and hasn’t been seen on European airlines (not to mention the American ones…) for quite a long time.

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