Top Things to do in Scandinavia

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Top things to do in Scandinavia

This vast region in Northern Europe includes 5 different countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. From fjords, endless forests and lakes to beautiful cities, Scandinavia surely has a lot to offer to any traveller. Let’s see what there is to experience there.

Ferry-boats in Helsinki Scandinavia
Ferry-boats in Helsinki

Visit Stockholm

The Swedish capital is Scandinavia’s largest city and according to many, the most beautiful one. Its neat and colorful houses, elaborate steeples, waterways and charming old district (Gamla Stan) will please the urban tourist. Stockholm is also known as a great clubbing destination.

Stockholm from the sea Scandinavia
Stockholm from the sea


Drive the Ring road in Iceland

Iceland is highly ranked on most travellers’ bucket list and for a good reason. The land of fire and ice is just stunning. Ok it rains a lot, but it doesn’t matter! For a unique 8-days itinerary, have a look here.

Jokulsarlon glacier lake in Iceland Scandinavia
Jokulsarlon glacier lake in Iceland


Lofoten Islands

In northwest Norway, these islands are not the easiest to access. But you should definitely spend a few days here (or a few weeks!). Rugged mountain peaks plunging in the ocean, empty beaches of white sand (if it wasn’t so cold you could almost imagine yourself in the Caribbean islands), small fishing villages, flocks of sheep peacefully grazing in the greenest grass you’ve ever seen … that’s what Lofoten Islands are about. Try to visit most of them, all the way to the last village of Å i Lofoten.

Henningsvaer in the Lofoten islands Scandinavia
Henningsvaer in the Lofoten islands


Experience new Nordic cuisine

All Scandinavian capital cities have great restaurants to get a taste of new Nordic cuisine, very refined but still totally down-to-earth. If you manage to get a table (it ain’t easy…), go for the best of the best at Noma in Copenhagen. To get a glimpse of what it’s about read this.

Asparagus, berries and seaweed at Noma Scandinavia
Asparagus, berries and seaweed at Noma


See the fjords in Norway

Like Iceland, the Norwegian fjords are on many travellers’ bucket list and like in Iceland, it rains a lot there… But the fjords are gorgeous and the weather very changing, so you may be even able to actually see some sunlight if you are lucky. The most magnificent fjords are located in a zone roughly stretching out from Stavanger in the south to Trondheim in the north: Lysefjorden (that’s where the famous Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock is), Hardangerfjorden, Nærøyfjorden (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Sognefjorden and the ultra-popular Geirangerfjorden.

The Lysefjorden from Preikestolen Scandinavia
The Lysefjorden from Preikestolen


Visit Finnish Lapland

Welcome to wilderness! Finland’s northernmost part is any nature lover’s paradise. A true winter wonderland from November to April and a special region of the world where the sun doesn’t set at all from May to August. In winter you can put your snowshoes on and hike, ski (both cross-country and downhill), go on unforgettable snowmobile safaris and chase the amazing northern lights. Summertime offers incredible hiking possibilities, surrounded by untouched nature and reindeers. Tips on when to go can be found here.

Reindeer, a common sight all over Lapland Scandinavia
Reindeer, a common sight all over Lapland

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