Lung King Heen, the Cantonese Excellence

Lung King Heen is one of Hong Kong’s 3-Michelin starred restaurants. In fact, it was the first Chinese restaurant in the world to receive 3 stars! Everybody knows Chinese cuisine, but we tend not to associate it with fine dining in the Western countries. At Lung King Heen you can give it a try without disappointment.

Lung King Heen, Chef's tasting menu
Lung King Heen, Chef’s tasting menu

Located inside Honk Kong’s Four Seasons hotel and directly facing the bay, the restaurant has a posh and classy, rather old-fashioned atmosphere. The 8-course chef’s tasting menu takes you to a nice and tasteful gustative journey with classics from the Cantonese cuisine and successful wine pairings (unfortunately including only one Chinese wine…). At the end of the meal you won’t feel hungry, as the portions are quite generous for this type of restaurant (maybe they could reduce a bit the size of the portions and increase the amount and variety of wines). A special thanks goes to Bernard the sommelier whose genuine passion for wine and true kindness were palpable. Overall the service is neat and faultless. Clientele is varied, including international visitors/business men but mostly dressed up Asian couples and (surprisingly) grown-up families.

Lung Kin Heen, sommelier
Lung Kin Heen’s competent sommelier


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