Lufthansa Business Class (Experienced on the A380 and B747)

The first impression when seating down on Lufthansa’s A380 business class seat is quite good. Ok, it’s not the best long-haul business class on the market (2-2-2 configuration, so no direct aisle access for the window seats…) but it still is a good one. Especially when travelling with a partner, window-side seats are very nice! The reverse herringbone seat configuration found on most up-to-date international J class cabins surely offers best privacy, but chitchatting with your travel mate can be tricky… Lufthansa’s seats are roomy (Finnair’s A330 business class seats feel way more cramped, for example), comfortable and feature good commands. Storage bins on the side are very handy.

Business class window seat, Lufthansa
Business class window seat


Seat settings, Lufthansa
Seat settings

In fact, LH’s A380 really makes you feel like flying business: you are clearly not in coach (everyone’s nightmare on a longhaul flight…) but not in first either. A380 is a big bird and its business class cabin is big as well, so don’t expect any felt and intimate atmosphere like on airlines (or smaller aircrafts) where J is the highest class available. Here there is a big difference between J and F. But still, business class comes with the best quality/price ratio for long-haul flights. First class remains totally overpriced in my opinion.

Business breakfast
Business breakfast

Another big difference between business and first with Lufthansa probably lies in the lounges. Business and even Senator lounges are usually very crowded at Frankfurt airport, LH’s main hub… Thus aside from the free food and drinks, there isn’t a big difference between waiting for your flight in the lounge or in the terminal’s waiting area (which, sadly, can be way less crowded).

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