Informal at The Serras

Run by Michelin-starred chef Marc Gastons, Informal is a classy Catalan restaurant inside the Serras hotel. For an unusual experience, book a place at the “bar” with direct views of the kitchen (but separated from it by a thick glass stopping noise and odours).

Dinner with a view of the kitchen
Dinner with a view of the kitchen at Informal

The menu features classics from the Catalan cuisine, emphasizing on seafood. While there isn’t a proper “tasting menu” offered (maybe it would be a good idea to create one?), it’s recommended to order many starters to share (don’t forget the classical tomato bread, so simple but so good) and an entrée per person. No dedicated wine pairings either, but the wine list is short enough to be readable and easy to choose from. Try a Catalan wine to go with your Catalan dish, they are rather good. But what comes to water, stick to the good old San Pellegrino as the Catalan sparkling water has a very special aftertaste that won’t suit any palate…

Squid salad
Squid salad

It’s quite nice to contemplate the cooks in action while enjoying your flavorful meal. The fish is cooked to perfection and tastes heavenly good even with a few bones still in it.

Catch of the day at Informal
Catch of the day at Informal

With friendly staff, efficient service, great food and reasonable prices, Informal really is worth a try during your stay in Barcelona. But be sure to book early as the restaurant is quite small and quite popular.

Char-grilling at Informal



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