Cathay Pacific Business Class (Experienced on the B777)

Cathay Pacific is known for being one of the world’s best airlines, together with other Asian and Middle-Eastern carriers. Their business class for long-haul flights surely is a solid product. In February, I tried it on a flight from Milano to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Amsterdam.

CX business class
Cathay Pacific business class sign

Both legs were operated on a B777 with reverse herringbone style seating which offers great privacy and access to the aisle from each and every seat. Very nice when travelling alone, not as nice for couples travelling together. Seats convert into a comfy full-flat bed (maybe a bit narrow though), quite a must on a 12-hour night flight. Stowing space for personal items is reasonable.

Middle section seats
Middle section seats, Cathay Pacific business class

Window seats are the best, especially when travelling alone.

Window seat
Window seat, Cathay Pacific business class

In terms of food and wines, nothing mind-blowing but totally meeting the industry’s high standards (meaning main international carriers’ long-haul business class catering). Service is friendly, attentive and personalized. One strange thing though is the toilet kit completely missing earplugs… You only get them by asking the cabin crew (wouldn’t it be easier for everyone to include them in the toilet kit as what we can consider a must…?).

CX business class starters
Cathay Pacific business class starters

Cathay Pacific long-haul business class can be recommended for its high quality in all aspects and most of all for its efficient seat configuration. If you are travelling alone, you definitely want to reserve a window seat but if you are travelling with a partner it doesn’t really matter as this configuration doesn’t include seats designed for chit chatting… Go for 2 middle section seats or for one window seat + one middle section seat on the same row, and pack a good book.

CX first class seat sneak peek
Cathay Pacific first class seat sneak peek

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