Dinner at Eleven Madison Park

Having dinner at Eleven Madison Park in NYC is the quintessential fine dining experience, in a restaurant awarded with the maximum of 3 Michelin stars and currently listed third best restaurant in the world. Here chef Daniel Humm takes you to an incredible gustative journey of several hours. The venue itself is imposing, almost grandiloquent (an atmosphere fortunately softened by nicely dim light). Food could be described as traditional gastronomy with a twist. I visited in winter and their menu being strongly inspired by the seasons, dishes were classical and rather straightforward. No delicate spring flowers or green leaves, but squash, beet, onion, celery and cauliflower instead. Main ingredients included lobster, caviar, oysters, foie gras, venison, eel, sturgeon and scallops. Nothing less. Highlights of the dinner were traditional breakfast muffins to go with the caviar, a refreshing Waldorf salad prepared by the table and with a surprise velouté underneath, botrytis ice cream, and to end the evening a funny chocolate game (match the right milk with the right chocolate). All in all, Eleven Madison Park is very refined and still very American. Ready for some pictures? Let’s go!

Main dining room Eleven Madison Park
Main dining room

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