Kobe Beef at Beefsteak Kawamura, Tokyo

During your stay in Japan, you will probably want to try the famous Kobe beef. Thepickytraveller tried Beefsteak Kawamura in Tokyo’s high-end Ginza district. It was kind of a…special experience.

Appetizers at Beefsteak Kawamura
Appetizers at Beefsteak Kawamura

First of all, the place is very difficult to find. Located in an office building floors and the street addresses in Japan being very difficult to understand, it took thepickytraveller Continue reading “Kobe Beef at Beefsteak Kawamura, Tokyo”

Nihonryori RyuGin, Fine Dining in Tokyo

In terms of dining, Tokyo has a lot to offer. If you want to experience high-end Japanese cuisine, one strong option to consider is Nihonryori Ryugin run by chef Seiji Yamamoto. This upscale restaurant is nicely hidden in the residential side of trendy district Roppongi and awarded with the maximum 3 Michelin stars.

Nihonryori RuyGin's sleek entrance
Nihonryori RuyGin’s sleek and discreet entrance

Unless you are already in Japan and speak fluent Japanese, you will have to ask your hotel to make the table booking for you as they only take reservations by phone and from within Japan. RyuGin‘s well-designed entrance Continue reading “Nihonryori RyuGin, Fine Dining in Tokyo”

Lung King Heen, the Cantonese Excellence

Lung King Heen is one of Hong Kong’s 3-Michelin starred restaurants. In fact, it was the first Chinese restaurant in the world to receive 3 stars! Everybody knows Chinese cuisine, but we tend not to associate it with fine dining in the Western countries. At Lung King Heen you can give it a try without disappointment.

Lung King Heen, Chef's tasting menu
Lung King Heen, Chef’s tasting menu

Located inside Honk Kong’s Four Seasons hotel and directly facing the bay, the restaurant has Continue reading “Lung King Heen, the Cantonese Excellence”