Buenos Aires in Three Days

Buenos Aires has the right size for a nice few days’ city break. Quite European (especially for the architecture), yet with a very South American soul. I recently spent there 3 days and hired a guide (Jessica) from BuenosTours. Can’t but recommend her! Let’s see the places I discovered.

Aeroparque domestic airport, close to Buenos Aires' city center
Aeroparque domestic airport, close to Buenos Aires’ city center

San Telmo Market

I arrived on a Sunday, so I had the chance to experience the famous San Telmo market. Crowded and colourful, quite large too (prepare to walk for many kilometers).

San Telmo market Buenos Aires
San Telmo market


Traditional mate cups at San Telmo market Buenos Aires
Traditional mate cups at San Telmo market


Old man in San Telmo Buenos Aires
Old man in San Telmo

La Boca

La Boca with those well-known coloured houses definitely deserves a visit. The atmosphere there is very laid-back. The tourist buses are a bit annoying though…

Colourful la Boca, Buenos Aires
Colourful la Boca


Pope Francis in la Boca, Buenos Aires
Pope Francis in la Boca


Colourful house in la Boca, Buenos Aires
Colourful house in la Boca

La Recoleta Cemetery

The extravagant cemetery of la Recoleta is one of the best-known attractions in Buenos Aires. Eva Peron’s tomb of course is a must-see, but prepare to line up… There are many other interesting tombs and their stories to discover, but you will need a guide for that. Quite creepy also to see the caskets exposed inside the tombs!

La Recoleta cemetery, Buenos Aires
La Recoleta cemetery


Eva Perón's tomb in la Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Eva Perón’s tomb in la Recoleta

Palacio Barolo

On some days, Palacio Barolo offers night-time visits called Extraordinary Nights (check their website for up-to-date information about the days). During those will you not only visit this beautifully strange and fascinating palace, but also attend a very intimate tango show and some wine tasting. The visit also includes climbing all the way up to the lighthouse, on top of the building. I can tell you that’s quite something… Not recommended for those suffering from claustrophobia or afraid of heights!

Buenos Aires by night from Palacio Barolo
Buenos Aires by night from Palacio Barolo


Tango time at Palacio Barolo, Buenos Aires
Tango time at Palacio Barolo

Puerto Madero

I didn’t really discover Buenos Aires’ modern district (Puerto Madero) in-depth, seeing it from a distance and walking along the canal was nice enough.

Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires
Puerto Madero

Teatro Colón

I strongly recommend to take a guided tour of the opera house, Teatro Colón (that’s the only way to see it from inside, unless you buy a ticket for a performance). Lights are not always on though during day tours, so check before buying your ticket.

Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires
Teatro Colón


Teatro Colón's beautiful glass roof, Buenos Aires
Teatro Colón’s beautiful glass roof


Seen in Buenos Aires.

Interesting architecture, Buenos Aires
Interesting architecture


Evita, Buenos Aires


Churches, Buenos Aires


Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires
Plaza de Mayo


A public bus, Buenos Aires
A public bus


Colours of Palermo, Buenos Aires
Colours of Palermo


Buenos Aires' metro or Subte
Buenos Aires’ metro or Subte


Fruit shop in Buenos Aires
Fruit shop in Buenos Aires


Huge rubbertree, Buenos Aires
Huge rubber tree

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