Bird Island: the Ultimate Eco-Lodge Experience

A visit to Bird Island in the Seychelles is by many aspects a very unique experience. First there is the 30-minute flight from main island Mahe in a small twin-otter plane, and the first glimpse of the island from the air. Then there is the bumpy touch down on the grass runway. A few moments later you take your first steps on this remote tropical island. Before long you are amazed by the amount of birds around and take your fist dip at the astonishingly beautiful West Beach.

Bird Island from the plane
Bird Island from the plane

Accommodation at Bird Island

Let’s face it right away, you don’t come to Bird Island for a high-end 5* experience. But here you get a chance to experience an incredibly beautiful isolated private island, for about one tenth of the price you would have to pay in a place like North Island for example.

Arrival at Bird Island
Arrival at Bird Island

The bungalows are very basic, without A/C (at least there is a ceiling fan over the bed to make sleeping a bit easier…). The Wi-Fi signal is surprisingly strong, as well in the common areas as inside the bungalow (this may be due to the fact I was staying in a bungalow very close to the common areas though). Food is good but nothing fancy, and served buffet-style at set times (from 7 to 9 for breakfast, at 13 for lunch, at 20 for dinner). Make sure to eat plenty enough when you have the chance to, as you won’t have any access to food outside of these times! Alcoholic beverages served at the bar or during meals are not included in the full-board rate and will be added to your bill (prices are not displayed and are quite salty).

The bungalow from outside (front), Bird Island
The bungalow from outside (front)


The bungalow from outside (back), Bird Island
The bungalow from outside (back)


The bungalow from inside, Bird Island
The bungalow from inside


The Beaches of Bird Island

Bird Island has one of the world’s most beautiful beaches: West Beach, ideal for swimming and to enjoy the sunset. No crowds, warm turquoise water, white sand… Dream no more.

West Beach, Bird Island
West Beach


Sunset at Bird Island
Sunset at Bird Island

For great snorkeling head to the other side of the island at Passe Coco (where you can also experience some sea kayaking). Beware of sunburns especially when snorkeling, as you don’t feel the heat but your back and neck are fully exposed! After that, make sure to visit Jenny’s place at Hirondelle on the island’s northeastern shore. Not only will you meet Jenny who is very nice, but also get a chance to have a fresh coconut for free! I also had the chance to meet the island’s most iconic tortoise there, Esmeraldo (yes, he is a male and no, he isn’t as old as you think…).

Giant Aldabran Tortoises in Hirondelle (Esmeraldo on the left), Bird Island
Giant Aldabran Tortoises in Hirondelle (Esmeraldo on the left)


The Birds of Bird Island

Last but not least, there are the birds. As soon as you arrive you will notice (and hear) the huge amount of birds at Bird Island… But to spot them and to get a better understanding of them, I highly recommend to attend Roby’s nature walks in the late afternoon (starting at 16:30).

Fairy Terns, Bird Island
Fairy Terns


Madagascar Fody, Bird Island
Madagascar Fody


Noddy, Bird Island


Seabirds in a Casuarina tree, Bird Island
Seabirds in a Casuarina tree


Seychelles Blue Pigeon, Bird Island
Seychelles Blue Pigeon


The Sooty Tern Colony, Bird Island
The Sooty Tern Colony


White Tailed Tropic Bird and its chick, Bird Island
White Tailed Tropic Bird and its chick


For more information or to book your stay, visit the lodge’s website.

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