Above Blue Suites: Luxury Retreat in Santorini

Ideally located in Imerovigli on top of the caldera, Above Blue Suites probably is one of the best spots in Santorini to watch the famous sunset. Throw in a jacuzzi and dinner on your private terrace, and your Santorini vacation is close to perfection.

Private jacuzzi of the Moonlit suite, Above Blue Suites
Private jacuzzi of the Moonlit suite

Dinner with a view, Above Blue Suites
Dinner with a view

Santorini features a lot of luxury hotels, some of them being very expensive. Value here at Above Blue Suites is satisfying, as prices are not exorbitant and you still get great Santorinian accommodation. Setting is almost perfect but some more privacy would be appreciated (public areas are very close to the suites and while dining on your private terrace you can see other couples dining in the public area for example). This situation is understandable though, considering the fact everything here is built on top of an old volcano and directly overlooking the sea…

Public area, Above Blue Suites
Public area, directly under the Moonlit suite


Public area at dusk, Above Blue Suites
Public area at dusk

What is stunning about Above Blue Suites surely is its setting, with perfect sea views and nice premises. Thepickytraveller stayed in the Moonlit suite. Nothing really exciting about the room itself, which turned out to be rather small. The bathroom looks quite amazing on the hotel’s website but is in fact disappointing with poor lighting and a rain shower with low water pressure. Moreover the bathrobes are hard and rough (it would be so nice to cuddle up in a thick and soft bathrobe after a dip in the spa…).

Bathroom of the Moonlit suite, Above Blue Suites
Bathroom of the Moonlit suite

Otherwise nothing to complain about. Staff is very friendly and helpful (as Greeks are in general). Breakfast served on your private terrace is something quite pleasant! Nice way of ordering in advance what you want to have for breakfast and the time it will be served.

Breakfast with a view, Above Blue suites
Breakfast with a view


Breakfast, Above Blue Suites

Funny anecdote to end with: on the day of departure weather was cloudy and during the morning the hotel’s premises (and apparently the whole island) were invaded by bugs! Don’t be afraid if it’s the case upon arrival, they will all disappear when clouds dissipate and the sun shines bright again.

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